Nhung Dinh

Nhung Dinh, the curator of the unstraight exhibitions in Vietnam named The Cabinet (Hanoi, March, 2015), Love, Pain and History (Saigon, April 2011).

Nhung was a researcher of a unstraight history project in Vietnam since 2009-2011, of an on research on gender- based violence agaist transgender women and gay men and investigating their support network (2010-2011).

She was a co-organizer of the Queer Forever! Festival in Hanoi (2013).

Currently, Nhung is consultant of several projects including making an online unstraight archive in Vietnam, unstraight exhibition and archive projects in Cambodia and Serbia, and a researcher of transgender people’s livelihood options and HIV risk in Vietnam.

Nhung is also collaborate with queer artist groups in Hanoi and Hochiminh city to develope different commiunity projects in sharing knowledge on gender and sexuality as  well as in creating community queer arts.