Behind the name Moto Boy - an extravagant musician, a member of the legendary Cardigans, a vocalist with a unique range - from falsetto to baritone - a singer and songwriter of soulful love songs.

Who is Motoboy is? He was born in a small village in the north of Sweden, Moto Boy dabbled in various guises - he worked as a truck driver and a model, tried to study to be a lawyer - never forgetting his main passion that's always been music. Their paths crossed when he was a young boy, at first he sang in the church choir and a boys' band, then got into jazz and experimental electronic music, mastered the guitar and finally started a solo project.

"I think I used to be one of those ambitious guys who have Jack Kerouac's "On the road" on the back seat of their car and a pack of Gauloises showing from a pocket of an army jacket; I looked quite nice when I was young and girls liked me - at least till I opened my mouth to speak".

Moto Boy's first album was released in 2008, it features 11 beautiful and light acoustic songs carefully framed by keyboard and leisurely electronic beats. It was followed by a mini-album "For Martha" (2008) and "Lost in the Call" (2010).

After the successful launch the artist's career has been growing more than rapidly. In Sweden he performs before stars like Whitney Houston and Smashing Pumpkins. He's played a concert for Peter Gabriel.

The first performance in Russia was with José González in the club Ikra. Then Moto Boy got an offer from the Cardigans and entered the legendary band as a guitarist. He sang at Opera Värmland (Sweden). Regularly composes music for theater productions. His touring career is also successful: after five years of the project's existence he's got more than 200 concerts in Europe and North America behind his band.

When they speak about Moto Boy in Europe he's often times compared with Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright and even David Bowie, while in Russia its with Jay-Jay Johanson and Patrick Wolf. This is completely justified though: with both of them the artist shares the love for impressive melancholic ballads and a provocative glam style. "I've always dreamt about music that would combine Edith Piaf, Billy Idol, Debussy with a classical boys' choir. At parties I'd always be the one who puts on the soundtrack to Twin Peaks when everyone wants to dance and get drunk. For me, there wasn't a contradiction. I really think that "Joe Le Taxi", for example, is a cheerful song - I mean, it has that saxophone solo..."

On September 26, Moto Boy is coming to St. Petersburg to support QUEERFEST with his performance.

The information on the venue and ticket prices will be available online soon. Stay tuned and see you at QUEERFEST.