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QUEERFEST-2015: history, program and participants

Dear friends!

On the festival’s website you can now see the program that will be presented to you in St. Petersburg 17 September to 27 September 2015 – very soon! More on the program...

The International Festival is being held in the cultural capital of Russia for the seventh time - its story began in 2009. More on the history of the festival...

This year the key subject of QueerFest is "Identity": how each and every one of us creates our own identity, what forms it, how diverse identities can be – you will have ten days of the festival to explore it through a variety of photo projects, meetings, concerts and discussions. More on the festival’s subject in 2015...

You will see unique European photo projects dedicated to various aspects of the lives of Russia’s queer communities. And the project by the American photographer Sarah Deragon – Identity - will not only be presented to the Russian audience for the first time, but also continued in St. Petersburg; Sarah is going to add images of Russian queer people to her project. More on The Identity project...

QueerFest-2015 promises real variety – this year’s participants come from Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Vietnam, the United States and Russia. More on this year’s participants...


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