Our team

Anya / the major Fairy

Ruslan / procrastinating perfectionist

Valya / coordinator of the best from Hogwarts

Koivo / android pencil

Nika / information support

Jonny / monitoring of human rights violations, bold experments in the identities

Sasha / guest curator of "Postcards-artifacts"

Olya / festival's colored hair

Grigory / forever young positive man

Alfred / gopher whistling here and there

Olya / brains and strength of English website

Sveta / waltzing with numbers

Ksenia / Minotaur

Ksenia responsible for space

ARCHIVE of the Festival

   Archive of the Festival 2009
   Archive of the Festival 2010
   Archive of the Festival 2011
   Archive of the Festival 2012
   Archive of the Festival 2013
   Archive of the Festival 2014